Pros: Smells great, is aluminium free, does provide some protection
Cons: A little more costly than your average deodorant, not as effective as aluminium deodorants

I discovered this organic brand after reading about the potential side effects of using aluminium deodorants (anti-perspirants). While I have found antiperspirants are effective and stop sweating, I’d rather err on the side of caution and try something more natural. This was the only natural product my local supermarket stocked at the time so I gave it a try.

I have so far been impressed by it. It’s made from tea tree oil and other herbs like rosemary  extract, horsetail, and clover extract. It doesn’t prevent perspiration and you may have to reapply it after exercise, but it helps against odour and is far more effective than not using deodorant at all.

While it does cost a little more in comparison to antiperspirants, I feel it’s worth paying the little extra for a product that is safe for use. It’s still affordable and will last me several months of daily use.