Dog kennel with run

A door for the run

A large door will give you easy access to the run. It is best not to cut corners here by leaving out the door or only making a small door. Being able to actually walk (or at least lean) into the run will be convenient later on.

The door is fairly basic to make, but you need to be sure you get it square so it fits in your frame. The measurements given in figure 5.1 should leave you with enough clearance for the door to open and close without hitting the frame.

Brace it diagonally with dressed 50mm by 25m timber. This bracing is essential to stop the door changing shape later. Remember to use adhesive and nails in all the joints to give strength.

Use galvanized hinges and screws to hang the door into the opening at the opposite end of the run to where the kennel will sit (see Figure 6.1)