Play tower fort with swing set and slide

Play fort roof and swing set frame

The fort roof

Now the fort needs a roof.  We suggest leaving a slight overhand at each side.  Four 1 meter lengths of 50 by 75 mm timber will give you a nice roof angle.  Cut the timber at 120 degrees instead of 45, which will give a nice slope on the roof.

You may choose to make up the roof end frames before attaching them to the structure.  Just make sure they are the right size as shown in the diagram.

If you are using timber boards, attaching the first two should stabilise the foor frame, and they you can proceed and attach the rest.  Use flat head galavanised nails.

Attached swingset

Our plan is designed to accommodate a frame for a swing set as shown in the second diagram.  We suggest having a beam of at least 2500mm. 50mm by 75mm timber should be up to the the task, but you may choose to use something heavier, or two beams tied together, especially if you have a longer beam.

In out plan the A-frame angle is 30 degrees, which means the legs reach out further than the footprint of the fort and give extra stability.

Use galvanised nail plates to attach the top of the A-frame to the horizontal beam that will hold your swings.

Accessorising your play fort

You can now dress up your structure with swings, slides, ladders etc.

The basic idea could be used to create a range of finished products.  Why not build more of a jungle gym with some ropes or tyre swings and perhaps a basic climbing wall on the side of the fort?