Some say it takes a brave person to cut their own hair. But with a bit of trial and error, you can perfect these techniques and save yourself the need for further haircuts or at the very least extend the life of your haircut between appointments to the hair salon.

Layered cut for Women with mid to long hair

Tie wet hair in ponytail high above head. Hold ponytail up vertically from your head. Cut horizontally across the tips, taking off as much or as little as you like. Take hair down to check hair is at desirable length. Repeat until you are happy with the length. You will be left with fine layers.

Blunt cut for women with mid to long hair

Ask a friend to help you with this one if you aren't confident cutting a straight line. Wet hair and brush out. Cut horizontally across ends of hair until desired length is reached.

Side fringe trim

Section off the hair you don't want to cut and tie or pin back out of the way. Wet and brush fringe down towards your forehead. Hold your fringe to the side that you wear your parting, pull taut and slide fingers down to the ends. Razor comb the hair above your fingers using a light combing motion. Cut your fringe a little longer than you would normally wear. Wet hair shortens when dry

Standard cuts for men with short hair

Men's haircuts are fairly straightforward. If you have some clippers it's easy to shave off a few layers. Alternatively, get a friend to trim all over with a pair of scissors. Dampen hair first. Pull strands of hair between middle and index fingers vertically from the scalp. Cut horizontally across the tips. Use a razor or clippers to tidy up the sides and back when hair is at desired length.

A razor comb is especially helpful when cutting men's hair. Place the razor comb directly above the place you want to start cutting. Hold the strands to be cut taut with your free hand, pulling away from the scalp. Razor comb downwards, as if you were brushing the hair. The blade on the comb will cut the hair. Repeat until hair is at desired length.