Pros: smooths dry, frizzy hair, keeps split ends at bay, and makes hair more manageable
Cons: too much and your hair will become an oil slick, short shelf life

Argan oil is produced from kernels belonging to the Argan tree from Morocco. It’s otherwise known as moroccan oil. It has a slightly nutty smell.

I use pure argan oil purchased from online auction websites. It’s the most affordable way to purchase larger quantities without paying for the brand. I initially bought argan oil to use as a pretreatment before straightening my hair, and then smoothing down any kinks afterwards. It works great this way, but it also works brilliantly on my wavy, frizz-prone hair after it’s dried naturally, by smoothing my hair into manageable curls with added shine.

A little goes a long way. For my long hair I use two lots of 3-4 drops warmed up in my hands, and apply it to the mid-lengths down to the ends only.

It has a shelf life of about 1 year after bottling if kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment. I keep mine in the refrigerator during the warmer seasons, but take it out during winter as it’s harder to extract from the bottle when it solidifies.